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Hotels: Digital trends that will reshape the Hotel payment landscape

When travel restrictions were enforced during the pandemic, both business and leisure travel slowed dramatically. Hotel and property owners were forced to adapt and innovate to keep their businesses afloat. Hotels implemented online check-ins and keyless entry to accommodate the increased customer demand for contactless service. In our inaugural consumer survey, respondents provided insightful information regarding payment behaviors and preferences, and shared their opinions to help guide hotels and property management companies on how best to prepare for future improvements and innovation.

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Learn how to keep up with digital payment trends and improve the overall customer experience. You will learn:

  • Changes in consumers’ Hotel payment methods during the pandemic.
  • Why the Hotel industry can’t ignore the digital payment shift.
  • The generational differences in respondents’ willingness to use digital payments.
  • Why securing digital payment transactions is critical when eCommerce fraud is booming

Key insights you will find in the report:

  • Use of digital check-in increased because guests wanted to get to their room as fast as possible and reduce their exposure to virus transmission.
  • Respondents would like to see additional payment options, with money transfer apps, digital wallets and contactless cards gaining about equal interest.
  • Use of QR codes has grown significantly over the last 18 months.

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